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    Can anyone buy wholesale?

    You can only buy wholesale if you have a seller’s permit or wholesaler’s license. If you would like to buy large quantities of our products we recommend you try to negotiate with your local store. If you are not sure where to buy our liquids locally you can contact us and we will do our…

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    What is E-liquid?

    E-liquid, also known as E-Juice, is the fluid used with your Electronic Cigarette. It is generally composed of PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), flavoring, and in many cases, nicotine. E-liquid when burned is the substance that is inhaled and then released as a vapor when exhaled.

  • 03

    What is steeping and how does it change the e-liquid?

    Steeping is letting your e-liquid mix with oxygen, sometimes, under controlled temperatures. This method helps enhance the flavor of your juice. Similar to wine, oxidation may also change the appearance in color and smell.

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    How many flavors do you have?

    We currently carry 14 different lines of e-liquid making up 100+ flavors and we are constantly reformulating and adding flavors with feedback/requests from our customers. We try to keep the range of flavors varied and group them into separate lines.

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    Where are your e-liquids made?

    The entire process of making our liquids (creating, mixing, bottling, labeling and shipping) is done in our headquarters in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

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    What is the shelf life?

    We currently add a best by date to 2 years of every bottle produced. This is to guarantee that you will taste the best the flavor can be. After the 2 years flavors will start changing in different rates depending on the ingredients and how the product was handled. Keep in mind that light and…

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    What is the PG/VG ratio?

    We provide a wide range of mixtures. Depending on what atomizer is used and personal preference we have flavors and PG/VG ratios fit for everyone. Please find the PG/VG ratio of each line in the product section.

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    What is the difference between PG and VG?

    PG, which stands for Propylene Glycol, is colorless, odorless liquid, which Is fairly thin and sweet. Propylene Glycol is the vehicle for flavor and also the ingredient in our liquids which provides that hit you feel in your throat. VG, which stands for Vegetable Glycerine, is a much thicker and sweeter ingredient which causes the…

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    What types of ingredients are used in your E-liquid?

    99% of the raw goods are US sourced and are the best available in the market. The only non-US ingredient is a pure Tobacco Absolute obtained from a European Nation. We use USP Kosher Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). All flavoring used are food grade level mostly found in ice cream, candy,…